Changes in electric meters


According to the ITC/3860 ORDER 2007 of the Ministry of Industry, the deadlines are set for distribution companies to replace every single electricity meter. The plan is replace all metres in Denia before the end of 2012 and the rest of metres in the Marina Alta before the end of  2014.

This change affects property owner communities, small businesses and individuals with contracts up to 15KW weather these be single or three phase.

Even though your electricity metre is in fact your property IBERDROLA will assume the expense of replacing it as this is a mandatory electricity metre replacement. In principle, the electricity company will notify you in writing giving you an approximate date for your metre replacement and later issue you with a specific notice of the actual confirmed date, although, it’s worth mentioning that in theCastellonProvince many electricity metres have already been changed and most of the owners were not previously notified.
From Vives Pons & Asociados we strongly suggest that you ask for identification and credentials from any person that comes to your property to change your electricity metre in order to ascertain that are IBERDROLA staff, it is very important for you to ask for the CERTIN once the installation has been completed as this is the only document that guarantees a responsible and proper installation .

If during installation the technician detects any deficiencies in your facility that affect the safety, he would be obliged to notify the Territorial Service Industry. It must be said that the responsibility for IBERDROLA in the installation, ends at the entrance to the property, just before the terminals of the CGP (general protection box). The electric meters are located within private property (community) and are therefore a particular responsibility.

The primary purposes are in line with efficiency and energy saving, thanks to remote management of the counter:

• Cost savings from operations, troubleshooting network and less hassle, automatically pin pointing whether the fault is private or network.
• Elimination of cost and time reduction for the management of the contract: Changes in contracted capacity, low, high, cuts or replacement.
• Billing always by actual readings.
• Access and user interaction with data provided by the accountant: detailed information on their consumption, you can integrate management control systems and private facilities to provide the metre with data and decide saving actions.
Best prices: new rates to take advantage of on favourable consumer habits.

Finally, another feature of the new electric meter is that it incorporates the ICP (power control switch) which will be placed within the meter itself to control it. If your metre was on rental IBERDROLA will be removed it free of charge. Should it be owned by you, you may agree a convenient date with its replacement.