Vives Pons & Asociados offers The Cultural Programme September Denia

Cultural Programme September Denia

Vives Pons & Asociados offers you The Cultural Programme Of September in Denia. We know most of you enjoy with all the music concerts, performances, dances… and all what Denia offers you durant the year. In September there are many things to do and to enjoy in our city, where Vives Pons helps you to live.

Legal and Tax Advisory services

Remember that Vives Pons & Asociados is a multidisciplinary firm with more than 15 years of experience in legal and tax advisory services, as well as urban and architectural projects, building and Real Estate. We have a team which offer an integral service on an international scale, provided by highly qualified professionals in all areas, in the business and private client’s areas.

From our offices in Denia, Vives Pons & Asociados, offers you the best service advice to support your investment, in Spain and worldwide.

Cultural Programme Septembre Denia

-EXHIBITION From 1st to 17th september. Casa de Cultura. Big Hall.
Exhibition by COLECTIVO ADAMA..
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

-EXHIBITION. From 1st to 17th september. Casa de Cultura. Pintor Llorens Hall.
Art exhibition by Mª DEL CARMEN MUT ORDINES
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

-25th FOLK DANCE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL From 1st to 4th. Consell Square

  • Thursday, 1st September, at 10 p.m
    Folk dance group “MACUILXÓCHILTL” from San Luis de Potosi. Mexic.
  • Friday, 2nd September, at 10 p.m
    “GRAN BALLET ARGENTINO” From Cordoba, Argnetina.
  • Saturday, 4th September, at 10 p.m
    Folk dance group “FUENTE AGRIA” from Puertollano.
    Sunday, 4th. At 9.00 p.m
    Folk dance group “DIANIUM DANSA” from Dénia.

-ART IN THE STREET. 03rd and 10th September, from 6.00 to 10.00 p.m. Diana Street.
Organized by: ADAMA

From 8th to 10th September. At 8:30 p.m . Social center.

  • Thursday, 8th September : NOVA COMPANYIA DE GUITARRES
  • Friday, 9th September: FADO. “MINHA LUA”.
    Ticket: 12 €
  • Saturday, 10th September: FLAMENCO
    CARLOS PIÑANA, Guitar & MIGUEL ANGEL ORENGO, Percusion Ticket. 12 €

Tickets sale: Social Center, one hour before the concerts. Organized by: Asociación Nova Companyia de Guitarres de Dénia. Concejalía de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Dénia.

-EXHIBITION. From 9th September to 16th October. Art centre “l’Estació”
Painting exhibition by XAVIER FORNÉS. “PLANET 28”
Timetable: Every day from 10 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. In october, afternoons from 4.00 p.m to
8.00 p.m.

11th September, 9:15 p.m. San Antonio Church.
Free entrance

-DOCUMENTAL 17th september, 7.00 p.m. Social center
Film documental “SUEÑOS DE SAL”, Film documental Oscar 2016. Director: Alfredo Navarro.
In aid of Red Cross.
Ticket: 5 €. Tickets at the Red Cross or two hours before the spectacle in the Social Center.
Organized by: Denia Red Cross. Ayuntamiento de Dénia. Concejalia de Cultura.

-EXHIBITION. From 22nd September to 8th October. Casa de Cultura. Big Hall.
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

-EXHIBITION. 22nd september to 8th October. Casa de Cultura. Pintor Llorens Hall.
“50 Aniversario de CCOO PV”
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m

-DAVID GUAPO 24th September. 8.30 p.m. SOCIAL CENTER
Ticket: 18 €,presale :
Or the same day of teh spectacle, two hour before.
Organized by: Meriendacena Producciones S.L.U.

¿Quieres montar una empresa? Esto es lo que tendrás que pagar a Hacienda

Que pagar para montar una empresa en Denia y Marina Alta

Si eres emprendedor y quieres crear una nueva empresa es importante conocer la tributación vigente del Impuesto de sociedades, ya que puedes acceder a importantes beneficios fiscales durante los primeros años de vida.

A la hora de montar un negocio, lo primero que hay que hacer es elegir el tipo de sociedad que queremos o si vamos a optar por ser autónomos. Los gastos derivados en cada caso dependen del tipo de empresa. Pero si nos centramos en los costes de iniciación, estos no difieren en más de 200 euros entre ambas opciones. En cualquier caso, ser autónomo resulta menos costoso, pero las desgravaciones son mayores en el caso de una sociedad.

Las empresas nuevas:  15% de tipo en el  Impuesto de sociedades

Desde 2013, las empresas de nueva creación que tributen a través del Impuesto de sociedades (IS) pueden acceder a una reducción del tipo impositivo, que será del 15%, aplicable durante los dos primeros años. Recordemos que el tipo impositivo general de IS es del 28% para rentas de 2015 y del 15% para 2016. Este es uno de los incentivos fiscales que se incluyeron en el Real Decreto Ley 4/2013 del 22 de febrero de 2013 y que se han modificado con las últimas reformas fiscales

Como en todos los incentivos fiscales, para poder acceder a ellos es necesario cumplir una serie de requisitos. En el caso de la reducción del tipo impositivo, la empresa tiene que ser de nueva creación, excluyendo:

  • Cuando se haya realizado la actividad previamente por una persona vinculada con la empresa de nueva creación o por una persona física con participación en el capital o los fondos propios superior al 50%.
  • Cuando sea una sociedad que forme parte de un grupo según el artículo 42 del Código de Comercio.Como es lógico, sólo las empresas de nueva creación que generen beneficios tendrán que rendir cuentas con Hacienda. En caso de tener pérdidas, lo más habitual en empresas nuevas, no tendrán que pagar impuestos hasta que no obtengan ganancias.

Además hay algunas sociedades concretas que tributan con unos tipos impositivos diferentes. Las más conocidas son:

  • SICAV, fondos de regulación del mercado hipotecario, fondos de inversión (tributan al 10%)
  • Entidades de crédito (tributan al 30%)
  • Fondos de pensiones (tributan al 0%)
  • Entidades de la zona de Canarias(tributan al 4%)
  • Entidades sin fines lucrativos(tributan al 10%)

Para más información puedes contactar con Vives Pons & Asociados, asesoría fiscal, legal,  asesoría laboral y contable. Teléfono: 96 643 2624. Mail.


Seven reasons to start-up a business and get the best Tax Planning in Spain

Being entrepreneurs in Spain  by Vives Pons & Asociados

Choosing to follow your dreams and bring your small business idea to life takes guts, commitment, time and effort. Once the ball is rolling, it’s really easy to get caught up in the work and challenges that come with managing your own business.
That’s why we’ve decided to take this opportunity to remind you why you chose the entrepreneurial route in the first place and, more importantly, why you love what you do. Here are seven reasons why being an entrepreneur is the bee’s knees.

The obvious one: You’re your own boss

This has to be one of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs love being entrepreneurs. When you have your own business, you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. There may be challenges along the way, but there’s something fulfilling about leading the pack (egos aside, of course). You are the one in the driver’s seat and the direction in which your business is headed is really up to you, plus you have the flexibility you need to make decisions quickly. Decisions relating to your business are yours and there’s something liberating in that. Wave goodbye to be micromanaged.

You work your own schedule

As an entrepreneur you often get to bid farewell to the usual nine-to-five working hours. You have control of your calendar and ultimately, you’re the one dictating when you work and where. This gives you a freedom that you’re not able to experience when you’re not your own boss, and one of the many perks is that this can mean you spend more time with your family and less time doing things you don’t really enjoy.

You get to follow your passion

The catalyst for many entrepreneurs deciding to take the leap and go out on their own is very often passion. They are passionate about something, so much so, that they want to turn that passion into profit. Every day they get to develop, sell and promote products or services that they whole-heartedly believe in and love – something that is never guaranteed in a regular job when you’re working for others. Entrepreneurs get to follow their passions and that’s rewarding.

You handpick the people you work with

Entrepreneurs have the freedom to pick and choose not only who they hire, but also the people they do business with. This means that they give themselves the best chance of teaming up with the right people, both in the office and out. Who wouldn’t choose to work with people they like and who also share their vision, drive, passion and core values? This makes for an overall harmonious working environment as well as stronger and longer-lasting business relationships.

You take pride in growing something from the ground up

Sure, there will always be sacrifices you have to make as an entrepreneur, but at the end of the day, nothing is more rewarding than creating something from scratch, nurturing it and watching it grow. There’s no greater accomplishment in the world of business than seeing your idea being realised and then going from success to success – entrepreneurs take great pride in that. When it’s your own, you’re not just another cog in the wheel but rather the main reason behind your own success.

You get to leave a lasting legacy

Who wouldn’t want to leave something behind for people to remember them by? Many entrepreneurs are motivated by their desire to leave a personal legacy one day for their loved ones. The idea of a family business can be an exciting one and if it’s successful, it can get passed down from generation to generation.

You create your own destiny

When you’re running your own business you have the freedom to shape your own destiny and create your own opportunities. You have the power to decide what you get to do and if that, for example, comprises of networking and attending conferences, then so be it. Entrepreneurs control their futures and the independence that comes with owning their own business ventures allows them to make the important decisions and steer their businesses in the direction they choose.

There are endless reasons why entrepreneurs love being entrepreneurs and every so often, it’s worth taking a break and reflecting on a few of them. Especially when times get tough, it can be helpful to remember the reasons why you decided to become an entrepreneur in the first place – they may just be how you get through.

While you’re doing that, Vives Pons & Asociados accountants in Costa Blanca together with Sage One will be there making sure that all your online accounting needs are taken care of.

El IVA en la Adquisición Intracomunitaria de Bienes de un comerciante minorista

IVA operaciones intracomunitarias de bienes

Especialistas en Asesoramiento Fiscal Internacional:

En Vives Pons Asociados, como asesores fiscales y contables especialistas en pymes y empresas en el marco de la Comunidad Europea,  os queremos dar una serie de consejos sobre el tratamiento del IVA en cualquier Adquisición Intracomunitaria de bienes (AIB) de un comerciante minorista:

¿A qué afecta la Adquisición Intracomunitaria de Bienes?

A las condiciones y requisitos exigidos para determinar si se está realizando una Adquisición Intracomunitaria de Bienes por parte de un comerciante minorista sujeto al régimen especial del recargo de equivalencia.

¿A quién afecta?

A los sujetos pasivos acogidos al régimen especial del recargo de equivalencia que realicen AIB y no hayan solicitado la inclusión en el Registro de Operadores Intracomunitarios (ROI) ni el NIF-IVA intracomunitario.

¿Cómo afecta al comerciante minorista la Adquisición Intracomunitaria de Bienes?

Para que una AIB se considere como tal, el adquirente debe estar inscrito en el ROI. Además, debe comunicar el NIF-IVA para que la adquisición se considere como AIB.
La comunicación de este NIF-IVA al proveedor sito en un estado miembro diferente del de adquisición es una mera exigencia formal.

Puntualzación de la Agencia Tributaria

Desde la Agencia Tributaria Española (AEAT) se advierte que la solicitud del NIF-IVA intracomunitario es una exigencia formal y su no solicitud no impide que se esté realizando, por parte del comerciante minorista, una AIB localizada en el TAI (territorio de aplicación del impuesto).

La AIB será declarada por el minorista en el modelo 309, mediante la cual ingresará el correspondiente IVA y recargo de equivalencia, sin derecho a deducir las cuotas soportadas. Ello será así siempre que pueda acreditar su condición de empresario o profesional y condición de sujeto pasivo. Si se acredita, se produce:

  • AIB localizada en el TAI.
  • EIB exenta en el país de salida de los bienes.

Obligaciones del minorista:

  • Declarar la operación intracomunitaria en el modelo 309.
  • Liquida IVA y recargo en 309.

Si tienes alguna duda, contacta con Vives Pons & Asociados. Recuerda que estamos en el centro de Dénia (calle Pare Pere 9 para Asesoría Fiscal, Laboral y Contable para pymes y empresas. Planificación Fiscal) y Marqués de Campo 37D (Estudio de Arquitectura, Promociones, Inmobiliaria). Trabajamos en La Marina Alta y en el conjunto de  la Costa Blanca. Somos especialistas en Asesoramiento Fiscal Internacional.

12 Talentos empresariales: Paco Torreblanca, El mago de los postres

Tal y como os anunciamos, desde Vives Pons & Asociados continuamos recuperando el ciclo de entrevistas 12 talentos alicantinos, que la Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de la Provincia de Alicante (JOVEMPA), grabó para fomentar la cultura empresarial y difundir los valores que caracterizan a los grandes empresarios y emprendedores.

Grandes empresarios de Alicante

Con este mismo objetivo, difundimos el segundo de los vídeos correspondiente a este ciclo de entrevistas, que tienen como protagonistas a algunos de los empresarios de referencia no sólo de la Provincia de Alicante, sino también de la Comunitat Valenciana.

En esta ocasión podréis disfrutar con los comentarios, consejos y opiniones del maestro repostero Paco Torreblanca, único español que ha sido proclamado mejor repostero del año en Europa (recibió el nombramiento en 1990) e investido recietemente Doctor Honoris Causa por la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.

Más conocido como El mago de los potres, Paco Torreblanca no sólo es un reconocidísimo profesional de los fogones, sino un empresario de carácter y un emprendedor que en su día decidió iniciar su camino montando su propia empresa, Totel. Actualmente regenta la Escuela Torreblanca y de  Bombonerías y pastelerías Torreblanca.

Os dejamos con Paco Torreblanca, cocinero, repostero, gran empresario y ejemplo para muchos por su trayectoria empresarial y culinaria.

Vives Pons: The consulting team for your Inheritance Tax in Spain

Inheritance Tax in Spain with Vives Pons AsociadosJohn Wick: Chapter 2 2017 movie download

Vives Pons & Asociados has a team of professionals with a solid experience in employment, accountancy and tax advisory services, providing you with the best tools to manage your business, and allowing full control of it at all times.

Experts in Inheritance Tax

One of the most important problem for expats and residents in Spain is the Inheritance Tax. As you know, Inheritance Tax in one of the most relevant fiscal tools in Spain. It’s legal state base for Non-residents is regulated by the LAW 29/1987 of the 18th of December, Developed by the “Real Decreto 1629/91”.

Inheritance tax rates will vary according to the location, In the Valencian Community the legal base is constituted by Law 13/1997 with multiple modifications, the last one being 10/2006. This last modification affects individuals that have residence in the Valencian Community and meet the following conditions:

  • During the last five years the individual has presented tax returns in Spain.
  • The individual must be duly registered as a resident of the town where the individual lives.
  • The last domicile of the deceased being within the Valencian community
  • The following will be taxed as per the previously mentioned modification;

All assets aquired by inheritance

The acquisition of assests and rights by means of donation or other legal business, totally free and between living individuals.
Receiving funds from life insurance policies, when the beneficiary is not the same individual as the contractor.

The taxable base shall be constituted by the following:

“mortis causa” transmissions, Individual aquiremient value of all assets in Spanish territory, for example, Property, bank accounts, cars, we must calculate the real value of these assets by discounting any mortgage, charges or liens we are also able to offset expenses such as funeral costs, medical treatment, inheritance court proceedings, etc…

We must point out that personal effects from the home also account as hereditary mass and shall be taxed at 3%.

“inter vivos” transmissions, net value of assets and rights acquired, in other words, the real value of assets and rights less the deductible charges and expenses .

Life insurance

Amounts received by the beneficiary. Any amount received as life insurance payment shall be summed to the hereditary mass for taxation.

If you have any doubt or need advice with your fiscaltaxes, conveyance or businees in Spain, let us help you. Conctac with Vives Pons & Asociados and forget problems. You’ll find in Denia, in Costa Blanca. Give us a call: 966432624. Email:

The best conveyance in Spain with Vives Pons: Welcome to the Costa Blanca!

Conveyance and project management in Spain and Costa Blanca

Vives Pons know your unique needs and tastes to create your perfect home

After the recent lack of trust from investors over the past years in the Spanish real estate market, Vives Pons & Asociados developed and increased the services they offer in order to ensure and guarantee their clients’ investments in Spain and Costa Blanca, through two new services; Conveyance, Project Management, Property Intermediation and Construction.

Vives Pons & Asociados is a multidisciplinary firm with more than 14 years of experience in developing architectural and building projects, in addition to providing legal and taxation advice. We have dealt with more than 5.500 clients from a variety of countries including Spain, UK, Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, United States, China, South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica and many more.

Integral services, architecture, Legal and Tax in Spain and Costa Blanca

Vives Pons help you to make the best conveyance

We offer an integral service on an international scale, provided by highly qualified professionals in all areas, whether it is a business matter or on a personal scale all from within the same company (Architecture, Construction, Legal and Taxation).

That’s why yo don’t need to worry, because we are experts in conveyance. You can be sure Vives Pons is helping you with all the paperwork, projects, formalities and requirements in order to do easier your life in Spain. As a result,  all you need do is invest your time in those things which are most important. For this you can count on a totally reliable team, with a full understanding and knowledge of the Spanish systems.

Vives Pons & Asociados, en el equipo de MLS Denia Inmobiliarias

Vives Pons Asociados, en la MLS Denia InmobiliariasVives Pons Asociados, en la MLS Denia Inmobiliarias

El grupo MLS Denia Inmobiliarias ya es una realidad. Y Vives Pons está muy orgulloso ysatisfecho de formar parte de él. Somos 20 empresas de Dénia y la Marina Alta que nos hemos unido para crear sinergias de colaboración en base a la fórmula de la exclusividad compartida y siguiendo siempre un código de buenas prácticas.

El viernes 30 de octubre Vives Pons & Asociados estuvo presenten en la sala Condado de Dénia para asistir a la presentación de este gran equipo de empresas que tiene como objetivo conseguir empresarios y atraer un turismo de calidad para Dénia y comarca. Todos remamos en la misma dirección y apostamos por implantar una marca de calidad para ofrecer las máximas garantías y el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes.

Vives Pons Homes

Con su presencia en MLS Denia Inmobiliarias, Vives Pons & Asociados refuerza su área VivesPonsHomes, compuesta por un equipo de profesionales y expertos en arquitectura, diseño de interiores, construcción y venta tanto de nuevas promociones como de propiedades en poblaciones como Dénia, Jávea, Moraira, Benitatxell, Teulada, Els Poblets o la Vall del Pop. También somos expertos en la realización de toda la gestión y trámites de todas las operaciones de compra-venta (el denominado convayence), t

Vives Pons sponsoring The Benitachell Bowls Club 2015 Masters Competition

The Benitachell Bowls Club 2015 Master Competition, sponsored by Vives Pons & Asociados, came to a close after 4 excellent days of bowling with sunshine throughout. This competition is arguably the best format on the Costa Blanca with teams of five playing all four disciplines over 4 days – the first two days with singles and rinks followed by the last two days of triples and pairs.

The winners


Grate organization of the tournement! Vives Pons & Asociados is as grateful as proud for sponsoring the Benitachell Bowls Club, an example of a fantastic group of people and fair players Thanks for all.

Services for you and your business

Remember that Vives Pons also offer a wide range of business consulting services, such as fiscal and Tax advise, start up and planning advice in Costa Blanca, Spain, accounting services, formation of limited companies, and much more.

In addition, he Vives Pons architectural studio located in Spain offers a wide range of services with our architects team, for both your personal and business needs, such as feasibility studies, elaboration of architecture projects and cost estimation, quality control, hygiene and safety reports, demolitions, renovations, extensions, document management, and much.

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