Moors and Christians festivity program in Denia, by Vives Pons

Moors and Christians in Denia festivity program

The streets of Dénia are crowded with moors and christians in mid-august. Embassies, street bands, and the lifting of the flag…and lots of fascinating and amazing events which you enjoy with your partner of familiy, also knowing this important period of history.

Vives Pons, your accounters and tax advisors in Denia and Costa Blanca, recommend you to come to our city in order to live yourself this fantastic celebration, which programme mainly consists in the disembarkation and the Gala Parade where Moors and Christians wear their luxurious costumes while the music is playing. Animals, dancers, drums…as especial function you remember for ever

Moors and Christians in Denia.

In addition to it, the festival honours Sant Roc, Patron Saint of Dénia. Traditionally the fiestas include a mass service, the distribution of blessed bread, a dinner of brotherhood and a procession. The honors are organized by the Cofradía de Sant Roc.

Most important events Moors and Christians in Denia:

  • 13th August: Disembarkation of moors, truce signature.
  • 14th August: Children’s Gala Parade.
  • 15th August, day of the Fiesta: Gala Parade.
  • 16th August: Parlaments, Battle of the Arquebusiers, the miracle of the fog, Surrending and Retreat. Fireworks.


Christian bands (Bando cristiano): Hospitalaris, Almogavers, Cavallers, Creuats, Deniers, Marins Corsaris, Mozarabes and Templaris.

Moors Bands (Bando Moro): Abencerrajes, Alkamar, Almoravides, Amazihg, Amiries, Berebers-Tuaregs, Saqaliba and Walies.

Leaflet “Moors and Christians

Information obtained from the Tourist Info Denia.


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