Vives Pons & Asociados: Global Solutions for you and your business in Spain and Costa Blanca

Integral services, architecture, Legal and Tax in Spain and Costa Blanca

Vives Pons & Asociados is a multidisciplinary firm with more than 15 years of experience in legal and tax advisory services, as well as urban and architectural projects, building, conveyancing and Real Estate in Denia and Costa Blanca.

Since 1998 Vives Pons & Asociados has dealt with more than 5.500 clients from a variety of countries such as Spain, The United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, United States, China, South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica and many more.

International Integral Services

We offer an integral service on an international scale, provided by highly qualified professionals in all areas, in the business and private client’s areas. From our offices in Denia, Vives Pons & Asociados, offers you the best service advice to support your investment, in Spain and worldwide.

You do not have to worry about anything, only to invest your time in those things which are most important to you, and for this you can count on a totally reliable team, with a full understanding and knowledge of the Spanish and the English systems, and with a wide experience in both jurisdictions.

Business law services, Accounting advise & architectural services

Our commitment with the business world allows us to offer you efficient and effective solutions, adding value to your company’s management and representing the interest of your business on every level.

In order to do this we put a great team of architects project managers, Business law Lawyers, tax advisors and accountants at your disposition who will help to prevent and solve your problems and queries derived from your business activity in an efficient and effective manner.

Our promise to provide the best quality service at Vives Pons & Asociados has helped us to gain and maintain the trust of hundreds of clients, Spanish and International.

Vives Pons & Asociados-Lawyers provides you the best Conveyance in Spain

Vives pons tax planning and conveyance in Costa Blanca

Vives Pons & Asociados has a team of specialist lawyers covering all aspects of law, focussing on either residents or international investors. We cover general and specialised areas of law, with a renowned experience in real estate, conveyanceinheritance and new business incorporations, especially in Spain and in the UK.

Property purchase package for residents and non-residents in Spain

Conveyance in Spain and Costa Blanca

Thanks to Vives Pons & Asociados, residents and non-residents Costa Blanca can get the best advice for business, property intermediation and conveyance in Spain. Actually, we provide them a very interesting property purchase package. Have a look to the conditions and included services:

Property Purchase Package

  • Preparation of a TOTAL COST estimate for the transaction, including taxes, notary and registry fees, etc.
  • Meeting with a LAWYER to explain the process and cost involved (notary and registry fees, taxes, NIE, etc.).
  • Meeting with an ACCOUNTANT to advise on fiscal obligations and the different Spanish and the Valencian Community taxes.
  • Checking for mortgage charges and outstanding utilities: land registry and building administrator searches; habitation certificates, building licences, etc.
    Checking ownership and Catastro status of the property.
  • Searching for liens, charges or encumbrances with the appropriate land registry.
    Drawing up a private contract for purchase-deposit-reservation and assistance at the signing.
  • As necessary, receipt of funds into our client account and onward transmission.
    Preparation of the title deeds and assistance with the signing at the notary’s office.
    Order and receipt of cheques for completion of the transaction.
  • Payment of taxes and registration of the title deeds with the corresponding land registry.
  • Change of title and setting up direct debits for utilities (water, electric, gas, etc.) local rates and taxes.
    Application for, and payment of, Plusvalía (local rate) tax.

Vives Pons & Asociados-lawyers: the best conveyance in Spain for your business and investment in Costa Blanca (

Contact with Vives Pons & Asociados-Lawyers by telephone (96 643 2624) or emailing us:

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Vives Pons: The consulting team for your Inheritance Tax in Spain

Inheritance Tax in Spain with Vives Pons AsociadosJohn Wick: Chapter 2 2017 movie download

Vives Pons & Asociados has a team of professionals with a solid experience in employment, accountancy and tax advisory services, providing you with the best tools to manage your business, and allowing full control of it at all times.

Experts in Inheritance Tax

One of the most important problem for expats and residents in Spain is the Inheritance Tax. As you know, Inheritance Tax in one of the most relevant fiscal tools in Spain. It’s legal state base for Non-residents is regulated by the LAW 29/1987 of the 18th of December, Developed by the “Real Decreto 1629/91”.

Inheritance tax rates will vary according to the location, In the Valencian Community the legal base is constituted by Law 13/1997 with multiple modifications, the last one being 10/2006. This last modification affects individuals that have residence in the Valencian Community and meet the following conditions:

  • During the last five years the individual has presented tax returns in Spain.
  • The individual must be duly registered as a resident of the town where the individual lives.
  • The last domicile of the deceased being within the Valencian community
  • The following will be taxed as per the previously mentioned modification;

All assets aquired by inheritance

The acquisition of assests and rights by means of donation or other legal business, totally free and between living individuals.
Receiving funds from life insurance policies, when the beneficiary is not the same individual as the contractor.

The taxable base shall be constituted by the following:

“mortis causa” transmissions, Individual aquiremient value of all assets in Spanish territory, for example, Property, bank accounts, cars, we must calculate the real value of these assets by discounting any mortgage, charges or liens we are also able to offset expenses such as funeral costs, medical treatment, inheritance court proceedings, etc…

We must point out that personal effects from the home also account as hereditary mass and shall be taxed at 3%.

“inter vivos” transmissions, net value of assets and rights acquired, in other words, the real value of assets and rights less the deductible charges and expenses .

Life insurance

Amounts received by the beneficiary. Any amount received as life insurance payment shall be summed to the hereditary mass for taxation.

If you have any doubt or need advice with your fiscaltaxes, conveyance or businees in Spain, let us help you. Conctac with Vives Pons & Asociados and forget problems. You’ll find in Denia, in Costa Blanca. Give us a call: 966432624. Email:

Cómo cobrar una deuda con facilidad: el proceso monitorio

Cobro de deudas mediante proceso monitorio

Como empresarios, autónomos o responsables de una pyme sabréis que uno de los aspectos más difíciles de las relaciones comerciales es el cobro de deudas. Así nos lo manifiestan muchos los clientes que confían en Vives Pons & Asociados, como asesoría de empresas especializada en pymes y autónomos.

Y es que, a diferencia de las grandes empresas, que suelen contar con un área específica de recobro capaz de utilizar distintos recursos legales para la recuperación de su dinero, los pequeños empresarios y trabajadores autónomos pueden sentirse desamparados al ver vencer el plazo de pago de una deuda pendiente.

Proceso monitorio para cobrar una deuda

Existe en la Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil la figura del proceso monitorio, un procedimiento especial diseñado para resolver rápidamente conflictos jurídicos en los que no existe contradicción. Es un recurso rápido y sencillo, ya que para solicitarlo no se requiere la intervención de abogados ni procuradores, tan sólo una serie de documentos que prueben la existencia de la deuda y el vencimiento del plazo de pago.

¿Quién puede usar un proceso monitorio?

Cualquiera puede solicitar la apertura de un proceso monitorio para el cobro de una deuda, independientemente de su importe, siempre y cuando esta sea:

  • Dineraria: debe presentarse en una moneda legal, nacional o extranjera.
  • Vencida: el plazo de pago debe haber transcurrido.
  • Exigible: no debe depender de contraprestación ni estar sujeta a condición alguna.
  • Determinada: debe de ser líquida, es decir, concretada en una suma de dinero o que su sea de fácil determinación

¿Dónde presentar un proceso monitorio?

El juzgado competente para la presentación de un proceso monitorio será el de primera instancia del domicilio o residencia del deudor, con el fin de pueda ser hallado para exigirle el pago.

¿Cómo presentar un proceso monitorio?

Para probar existencia de la deuda puede probarse mediante los siguientes documentos:

  • Registro de la contracción de deuda, independientemente de su soporte, siempre que esté firmado por el deudor o cuente con su sello, impronta o cualquier otra señal, física o electrónica.
  • Registros unilateralmente creados por el acreedor, siempre que sean de los que habitualmente documentan los créditos y deudas en relaciones como la existente entre acreedor y deudor, como facturas, albaranes de entrega, certificaciones, telegramas, telefax.
  • Certificaciones de impago de cantidades debidas en concepto de gastos comunes de comunidades de propietarios de inmuebles urbanos. En ese caso, es recomendable que se aporten documentos comerciales que acrediten una relación anterior duradera.

Plazos y resultados del proceso monitorio

Una vez aprobada la petición de proceso, el Secretario Judicial solicitará al moroso que pague su deuda en un plazo de 20 días hábiles. El resultado dependerá de la reacción del deudor, que puede:

  • Pagar en el plazo establecido
  • Oponerse, presentándose en el Juzgado y manifestando por escrito los motivos por los que no reconoce la deuda. En este caso el proceso se llevará a juicio. No pagar ni oponerse, tras lo que se declarará terminado el proceso y el acreedor tendrá derecho a la ejecución del cobro mediante el embargo.
  • No encontrarse en su domicilio, en cuyo caso el acreedor podrá pedir al Juzgado que investigue su domicilio.

La existencia de este recurso puede tranquilizar a los emprendedores y alertarlos sobre la importancia de utilizar programas de contabilidad para guardar constancia de todas sus transacciones.

Si tenéis cualquier duda al respecto del cobro de deudas  a través de proceso monitorio, podéis visitar nuestra oficina (calle Pare Pere en Dénia, muy cerca de la Glorieta) o poneros en contacto con nuestro equipo de profesionales. Teléfono: 96 6432624