Vives Pons & Asociados offers The Cultural Programme September Denia

Cultural Programme September Denia

Vives Pons & Asociados offers you The Cultural Programme Of September in Denia. We know most of you enjoy with all the music concerts, performances, dances… and all what Denia offers you durant the year. In September there are many things to do and to enjoy in our city, where Vives Pons helps you to live.

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Remember that Vives Pons & Asociados is a multidisciplinary firm with more than 15 years of experience in legal and tax advisory services, as well as urban and architectural projects, building and Real Estate. We have a team which offer an integral service on an international scale, provided by highly qualified professionals in all areas, in the business and private client’s areas.

From our offices in Denia, Vives Pons & Asociados, offers you the best service advice to support your investment, in Spain and worldwide.

Cultural Programme Septembre Denia

-EXHIBITION From 1st to 17th september. Casa de Cultura. Big Hall.
Exhibition by COLECTIVO ADAMA..
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

-EXHIBITION. From 1st to 17th september. Casa de Cultura. Pintor Llorens Hall.
Art exhibition by Mª DEL CARMEN MUT ORDINES
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

-25th FOLK DANCE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL From 1st to 4th. Consell Square

  • Thursday, 1st September, at 10 p.m
    Folk dance group “MACUILXÓCHILTL” from San Luis de Potosi. Mexic.
  • Friday, 2nd September, at 10 p.m
    “GRAN BALLET ARGENTINO” From Cordoba, Argnetina.
  • Saturday, 4th September, at 10 p.m
    Folk dance group “FUENTE AGRIA” from Puertollano.
    Sunday, 4th. At 9.00 p.m
    Folk dance group “DIANIUM DANSA” from Dénia.

-ART IN THE STREET. 03rd and 10th September, from 6.00 to 10.00 p.m. Diana Street.
Organized by: ADAMA

From 8th to 10th September. At 8:30 p.m . Social center.

  • Thursday, 8th September : NOVA COMPANYIA DE GUITARRES
  • Friday, 9th September: FADO. “MINHA LUA”.
    Ticket: 12 €
  • Saturday, 10th September: FLAMENCO
    CARLOS PIÑANA, Guitar & MIGUEL ANGEL ORENGO, Percusion Ticket. 12 €

Tickets sale: Social Center, one hour before the concerts. Organized by: Asociación Nova Companyia de Guitarres de Dénia. Concejalía de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Dénia.

-EXHIBITION. From 9th September to 16th October. Art centre “l’Estació”
Painting exhibition by XAVIER FORNÉS. “PLANET 28”
Timetable: Every day from 10 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. In october, afternoons from 4.00 p.m to
8.00 p.m.

11th September, 9:15 p.m. San Antonio Church.
Free entrance

-DOCUMENTAL 17th september, 7.00 p.m. Social center
Film documental “SUEÑOS DE SAL”, Film documental Oscar 2016. Director: Alfredo Navarro.
In aid of Red Cross.
Ticket: 5 €. Tickets at the Red Cross or two hours before the spectacle in the Social Center.
Organized by: Denia Red Cross. Ayuntamiento de Dénia. Concejalia de Cultura.

-EXHIBITION. From 22nd September to 8th October. Casa de Cultura. Big Hall.
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

-EXHIBITION. 22nd september to 8th October. Casa de Cultura. Pintor Llorens Hall.
“50 Aniversario de CCOO PV”
Timetable: Working days from 11 a.m to 2.00 p.m and from 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Saturdays, from 11a.m to 1:30 p.m
and from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m

-DAVID GUAPO 24th September. 8.30 p.m. SOCIAL CENTER
Ticket: 18 €,presale :
Or the same day of teh spectacle, two hour before.
Organized by: Meriendacena Producciones S.L.U.

The income tax return for 2015 is due soon! From 6th of april you can submit your taxes in Spain. Are you ready?

Income tax return in Spain and Costa Blanca

Contact your Accountants in Spain-Costa Blanca!

The income tax return  for 2015 is due soon! From 6th of april you can submit your taxes in Spain. Are you ready? As a general rule, everyone has a duty to present the Income Tax return for income from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

The exceptions to the rule (those who are not obliged to declare Income Tax) are:

  • Those who obtain a global yearly income of no more than 1.000 €, regardless of the nature of the income.
  • Those who have losses in their Capital Gains of 500 € or more.
  • Those who exclusively receive one or more of the following Incomes:

A. Salaries or pensions, with the following limits:

1. As a general rule those who receive up to 22.000 € from only one payer.
2. Those who receive up to 22.000 € from more than one payer providing that they also comply with the circumstances below:

  • The amount of the income received jointly by the second and further payers does not exceed 1.500 €.
  • That the sole income received is the described in Article 17.2.a of Law 35/2006 and according to the special regulations there has been a retention at source. (those incomes from Social Security pensions, Government, disability, retirement, pension schemes, amongst others).

3. Those who receive up to 12.000 € when any of the following circumstances arise:

  • When it proceeds from more than one payer and the addition of the second and further pensions/salaries are together over 1.500 €.
  • The income has the nature of divorce maintenance.
  • The payer is not obliged to retain according to the regulations. (for example: pensions from abroad).
  • When the income is subject to a fixed rate of retention (for example: company directors).

B. Net Returns of movable assets and Capital Gains

Both subject to retention, with a limit for both of 1.600 €.

C. Deemed Income

Deemed Income provided from tenancy of second home, returns from movable assets without retentions (treasury debts) and subsidiaries to buy an officially protected house, with the limit of 1.000 €.
Apart from the above exclusions, there is an obligation to declare an Income Tax return those tax payers with a right to deductions from:

  • Investment in special account for the purchase of a home.
  • International Double Taxation.
  • Contributions to disabled persons individual assets.
  • Pension plans.
  • Insured pension plans and others.
  • Dependency insurance.

Note that these limits are per tax return. If you decide on a joint return, the same limits apply (there’s no increase in the limit).

Contact for a free consultation at or visit or website at

Become a new client of Vives Pons by trying new professional tax planning experience.
We are specialist in tax planning with more than 15 years of experience providing tax services in Spain to expats from all European Countries.

Vives Pons & Asociados: Global Solutions for you and your business in Spain and Costa Blanca

Integral services, architecture, Legal and Tax in Spain and Costa Blanca

Vives Pons & Asociados is a multidisciplinary firm with more than 15 years of experience in legal and tax advisory services, as well as urban and architectural projects, building, conveyancing and Real Estate in Denia and Costa Blanca.

Since 1998 Vives Pons & Asociados has dealt with more than 5.500 clients from a variety of countries such as Spain, The United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, United States, China, South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica and many more.

International Integral Services

We offer an integral service on an international scale, provided by highly qualified professionals in all areas, in the business and private client’s areas. From our offices in Denia, Vives Pons & Asociados, offers you the best service advice to support your investment, in Spain and worldwide.

You do not have to worry about anything, only to invest your time in those things which are most important to you, and for this you can count on a totally reliable team, with a full understanding and knowledge of the Spanish and the English systems, and with a wide experience in both jurisdictions.

Business law services, Accounting advise & architectural services

Our commitment with the business world allows us to offer you efficient and effective solutions, adding value to your company’s management and representing the interest of your business on every level.

In order to do this we put a great team of architects project managers, Business law Lawyers, tax advisors and accountants at your disposition who will help to prevent and solve your problems and queries derived from your business activity in an efficient and effective manner.

Our promise to provide the best quality service at Vives Pons & Asociados has helped us to gain and maintain the trust of hundreds of clients, Spanish and International.

The One Thing That Will Make or Break Any Small Business, by Vives Pons & Asociados

growth-business in Spain and Costa Blanca

You founded your business on a great idea, and you execute on that idea superbly.
But to stay successful, there’s one more critical thing you need to do: get on top of cash flow before it gets on top of you. It’s the reason companies with perfectly respectable paper profits can plunge into bankruptcy. Why?

More customers = more complexity

The quick answer is that running a business, even a very profitable one, costs money. You might be seeing growing sales and happy customers, but you’re also spending on materials, staff and premises while servicing finance.

When businesses grow, they quickly become more complex. This complexity makes it more difficult to see the cash position now, and forecast what it will be in weeks’ and months’ time.
When you have just a few customers, keeping on top of their payments is fairly easy. You can do it in your head. But if you have hundreds of customers, who’s checking when they will all pay? Do you know if they’re paying late? Is anyone chasing them for payment?

Manage spend wisely

The same applies to spending. Understanding cash flow is critical when working with suppliers. You need to understand how many suppliers you have, what you pay them, and when.
For example, do you spend more with a supplier to get a high-volume discount on materials, or keep hold of cash and buy in small amounts at a higher price? It’s impossible to make these decisions without knowing and forecasting your cash position.

Timing capital investments

Meanwhile, growing businesses require more capital. At some point, if you’re ambitious, you’ll need to make some big decisions. When do you need larger premises? When do you need a bigger IT system? If you’re making things, do you need more machinery? Do you need to hire more people?
You’ll need to make these investments if you are to keep your customers (and your employees) happy. Crucially, you’ll need to do so before they pay you. And it would be suicidal to do so if you don’t understand the cash position of the business, now and in the future. Remember you’ll also need to keep the business running day to day, spending on bills, taxes, small items, travel and rent.

Don’t lose sight of cash

Small business owners are often very focused on gaining new customers and satisfying the ones they have.
The problem is, if no-one is focusing on liquidity, things can go wrong very quickly. If two customers fail to pay substantial invoices in the same week you settle a big supplier bill, you have to hope the bank will extend your finance. If it doesn’t, you could be in trouble.
It’s worth repeating that this frequently happens in otherwise successful, growing businesses – and often causes their downfall.

Get a cashflow forecast in place

Accountants will tell you that cash flow problems rarely occur out of the blue. The chances are the warning signs have been there for a while, but no-one has noticed them.
The vital question is: do you know what your cash position will be in six months’ time? If not, you may struggle to cope when things go wrong. If you can forecast that far forward, and it doesn’t look good, you still have time to put in place a strategy to make it through the difficult growth period.

And it’s important not to confuse the bank balance with the cash book. Managing the business from the bank balance is like driving a car by looking only in the rear view mirror. You’re seeing what’s gone past, not the pothole you’re about to hit. A good cashbook will lead to better forecasting.

The right tools can help

The tools for efficient bookkeeping are getting easier to use and are available, via the cloud, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Conquering cash flow won’t hold you back; it will be a catalyst for driving the business forward. Doing it proactively is more efficient than firefighting, and gives you more time to spend with customers and keep the business growing.

How comfortable are you with your bookkeeping?

No matter what kind of work you do, if you want to succeed running small business you need to master the books. But how are you finding that task? Take our quiz to understand your style of financial management and get tips on how to improve.

Vives Pons & Asociados provide you financial advice, tax planning and teach you to manage your own accounts.
Contact us Now!!!! We can prepare a free report of your financial position.

How to get the most from your accountant in Spain?

The best accountant in Spain and Costa Blanca for your business

How to get the most from your accountant in Spain and Costa Blanca? According our experience in tax advice & tax planing in DeniaMarina AltaCosta BlancaSpain, Vives Pons & Asociados advice you about how to use your accountant’s time wisely:

A good, experienced accountant could save your business thousands, and even help you find new ways to grow. But if they need to spend most of their time sorting out messy paper work and making sense of your accounts just to file a mandatory tax return, you will not be getting that value for money.

If you learn to work with accountants in a productive way, on well prepared books, you could benefit from their years helping businesses tackle similar problems to the ones you face and get more from the fees you pay them. So, how do you get the maximum value from your accountant? Here are seven suggestions:

Shop around to find the right accountant for your business

If you’re hoping for something more than checking the books and filing the tax return, then it’s a good idea to get the best fit for your business.

The big firms will have more resources, but it’s also worth checking out smaller players who understand your industry. If you work in quite a specialist field, this means you avoid having to repeatedly explain the basics, so you get more value from their time.

Ask for help, early

It’s no good engaging an accountant two days before your tax return is due. They may be able to provide some help in that time, but to make a real difference, they can help you set up professional bookkeeping and financial management so they can offer the best guidance throughout the year.

Be clear about what you need

Give your accountant some guidance on what you’re looking for. Is it the statutory requirements, or strategic financial advice? If don’t ask, you’ll probably end up with the minimum service. If you want more than that, you need to understand what they can offer and what you need from them.

Tax Planning and Tax advice in Denia and Marina Alta

Make sure the books are in order

If the books are in a mess, your accountant will spend time sorting them out, rather than analyzing your business and giving you valuable advice. There’s no point paying their fees only to have them spend the day adding up receipts. If you don’t have time to sort the books out yourself, a more cost-effective way is to find a bookkeeper (rather than a qualified accountant) to do it for you. There’s plenty of software available to help you keep the books up to date. The latest tools work in the cloud so you can, for example, scan and file receipts whether in the office, at home or on the move using tablets and smartphones as well as the office computer.

Respect their experience and learn from them

An accountant probably won’t know your business or industry as well as you do, so you may find they start with some basic questions. They may also make comments about the way you manage your finances that you don’t agree with. Try to resist being defensive. If you’re paying for their advice, it’s because they have knowledge and experience that’s useful to you. Hear them out, as there may be something valuable you can learn from them.

Stay in touch

Don’t think the job is done for another year once your accountant has filed the tax return. If you’ve been efficient in your dealings with your accountant and given them up-to-date, easy to read books, they should be able to give you ongoing tips on how to save money and run the business better. Quarterly follow-up calls can help keep your plans on track between annual visits. If you’re using cloud-based accounting software you can give your accountant access to it from anywhere, so they can check the latest figures and offer advice without having to visit your office.

Break out the fancy biscuits

Lastly, make sure your accountant feels welcome in your office. Don’t shut them in a cupboard full of dusty old files or give the desk in the corner. Believe it or not, accountants are people too. Talk to them and share some news about the business. Making them comfortable and at home will encourage a spirit of good will. Remember, they have lots of contacts in your area or your industry which you could find useful. A nice biscuit or two can go a long way.

No matter what kind of work you do, if you want to succeed running small business you need to master the books. But how are you finding that task? Take our quiz to understand your style of financial management and get tips on how to improve.

Vives Pons & Asociados offer you tax advice & tax planing in DeniaMarina AltaCosta BlancaSpain.

Vives Pons y MontgóRadio dedican un programa a las empresas y empresarios de la Marina Alta

Vives Pons, patrocinador de

Vives Pons & Asociados también está en la radio. Más concretamente, en la Radio Online que cada día ofrece MontgóRadio, la nueva emisora por internet para Dénia y la Marina Alta. Vives Pons & y MontgóRadio han formado equipo para dedicar un espacio de radio al mundo de la empresa. Como empresarios y emprendedores que somos, el equipo de Vives Pons considera fundamental que las pymes, los autónomos y las empresas de la comarca tengan un programa específico en el que manifestar sus inquietudes o retos, hablar de sus problemas, informar de subvenciones, fiscalidad para empresas o contar el día a día de cualquier empresario, por grande o pequeño que sea.

Radio para empresas y empresarios de la Marina Alta

De la mano de Pangel Albi y Adolfo Pérez, Vives Pons & Asociados patrocina y colabora activamente con el Revistero de la Marina, un magazine matinal que diariamente repasa temas de interés a través de noticias, reportajes, entrevistas…y que los miércoles también hablará de empresas y empresarios. Allí nos encontrarás los miércoles, a partir de las 11.30 horas, con empresarios destacados y noticias relevantes. Nos gustan las empresas. Y nos gusta hablar de empresas. Porque somos especialistas en ofrecer Servicios Integrales para empresas. Nos vemos los miércoles en MontgóRadio.



10 questions to ask yourself before starting your own business in Spain

Start-up a business in Spain and Costa Blanca

Deciding to go off on your own is no easy feat and it shouldn’t be a decision that is made overnight. People choose to start their own small businesses for a number of reasons, often taking a huge risk in order to make their dream a reality. Afterwards you’ll have consider several points which accounting companies as Vives Pons will be able to advice offering integral services for business. But, don’t worry: one step at a time!

Because there is so much at stake, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in to and more importantly, if you have what it takes. We’ve compiled this list of 10 questions that every aspiring entrepreneur should ask and answer honestly before quitting their job and starting their own venture in Spain and Costa Blanca.

Do I enjoy a challenge?

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be faced with numerous challenges, many of which will be ones you’ve never had to deal with before. You need to ask yourself how you normally react when things get tough and you’re faced with trying times or situations. If challenges make you want to run in the opposite direction and avoid them at all costs, then you should think long and hard before taking the plunge. On the other hand, if they excite you and motivate you, then you’re off to a great start.

Am I a self-starter?

As we’ve mentioned in the past, part of the appeal of becoming an entrepreneur is the fact that you get to be your own boss – this can either be a blessing or a curse. When you’re running your own business, there won’t be a manager or boss telling you what to do or peering over your shoulder. You’ll be responsible for motivating yourself and getting things going, so if you’re prone to procrastination, then you’ll likely need all the help you can get.

Am I passionate about what I’m going to be doing?

Pursuing your own business dreams takes focus, hard work and long-term commitment, and the reality is, that if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, then it’s much harder to have the right attitude. Believing in what you’re doing or offering is a great motivator and the easiest way to secure success.

How am I at handling the unknown?

When you go out on your own, you’ll be entering new territory and possibly one with which you are not very familiar. You’ll be faced with issues and decisions you may never have been faced with in the past, and this is scary for some. If you see handling the unknown as an exciting challenge and you’re good at thinking on your feet, then you’re likely to be fine as you embark on your own business journey in Spain and Costa Blanca.

Ventajas fiscales para empresas que exportan: Diferir el pago del IVA

Am I a creative problem solver?

Entrepreneurs need to be able to think out of the box, especially when it comes to finding solutions to problems. If you lack problem-solving skills and go into a blind panic whenever you’re faced with a complication, then you need to decide whether or not having your own business is really the right way to go.

Is my idea profitable?

If the first step is to believe in your business idea, then the second is to be sure that it can make you money. Any time someone starts their own business, they run the risk of it not working out, but you can be sure that they knew right from the beginning that there was a need for their service or product, hence making it likely to be profitable. Thorough research and extensive testing has to be conducted beforehand to ensure that the idea you’re on to (as well as how you end up marketing it), is in fact one that can bring home the bacon.

What is my USP (unique selling point)?

When you first enter your particular market, chances are you’ll be met by lots of competition. The key then is to differentiate yourself and your product from the rest. Having a solid marketing plan in place will help to ensure that you do that successfully and that you prove to potential customers that you can do it better than anyone out there.

Have I adequately assessed the financial risks involved?

There are of course many risks that go hand-in-hand with starting your own business, one of which is financial. You need to be as prepared as possible from a money point of view before taking the plunge and this will only be possible if you thoroughly analyse what the risks are beforehand. Having access to funds is part of it because you need to feel confident that no matter what happens, especially in the beginning stages, you will be ok financially.

Do I have a solid foundation from which to launch my business?

Many entrepreneurs start working on their own projects months before they actually quit their day jobs, so as to give themselves time to save and prepare for the journey ahead. Ensuring you have a solid foundation by the time you start your own business is vital, and this includes having a clear business plan in place, as well as adequate funding and defined business goals, to name but a few things. Only once everything is in place, should you then quit your job to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Am I ready to take full responsibility for everything?

When you’re the one at the helm of a business that usually means that the buck starts and ends with you. Basking in its success is something every entrepreneur enjoys, but with the good, comes the bad as well. This means that you’ll be taking the credit when things go right, but then you’ll also be held accountable when things go wrong. Ultimately, when you own your business, you need to be ready to shoulder responsibility across the board.

Choosing to start your own business in Costa Blanca (Spain) can be overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. It takes great planning, dedication and laying of the groundwork beforehand if a business is to succeed, so it pays to know exactly what you’re getting into before you take that brave leap. If the answers to the above questions are generally positive and enthusiastic, then you’ll know you’ll be giving yourself the best possible start to something hopefully great.

While you’re doing that, Vives Pons & Asociados accountants in SpainCosta BlancaDenia together with Sage One will be there making sure that all your online accounting and tax planning needs are taken care of.

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Seven reasons to start-up a business and get the best Tax Planning in Spain

Being entrepreneurs in Spain  by Vives Pons & Asociados

Choosing to follow your dreams and bring your small business idea to life takes guts, commitment, time and effort. Once the ball is rolling, it’s really easy to get caught up in the work and challenges that come with managing your own business.
That’s why we’ve decided to take this opportunity to remind you why you chose the entrepreneurial route in the first place and, more importantly, why you love what you do. Here are seven reasons why being an entrepreneur is the bee’s knees.

The obvious one: You’re your own boss

This has to be one of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs love being entrepreneurs. When you have your own business, you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. There may be challenges along the way, but there’s something fulfilling about leading the pack (egos aside, of course). You are the one in the driver’s seat and the direction in which your business is headed is really up to you, plus you have the flexibility you need to make decisions quickly. Decisions relating to your business are yours and there’s something liberating in that. Wave goodbye to be micromanaged.

You work your own schedule

As an entrepreneur you often get to bid farewell to the usual nine-to-five working hours. You have control of your calendar and ultimately, you’re the one dictating when you work and where. This gives you a freedom that you’re not able to experience when you’re not your own boss, and one of the many perks is that this can mean you spend more time with your family and less time doing things you don’t really enjoy.

You get to follow your passion

The catalyst for many entrepreneurs deciding to take the leap and go out on their own is very often passion. They are passionate about something, so much so, that they want to turn that passion into profit. Every day they get to develop, sell and promote products or services that they whole-heartedly believe in and love – something that is never guaranteed in a regular job when you’re working for others. Entrepreneurs get to follow their passions and that’s rewarding.

You handpick the people you work with

Entrepreneurs have the freedom to pick and choose not only who they hire, but also the people they do business with. This means that they give themselves the best chance of teaming up with the right people, both in the office and out. Who wouldn’t choose to work with people they like and who also share their vision, drive, passion and core values? This makes for an overall harmonious working environment as well as stronger and longer-lasting business relationships.

You take pride in growing something from the ground up

Sure, there will always be sacrifices you have to make as an entrepreneur, but at the end of the day, nothing is more rewarding than creating something from scratch, nurturing it and watching it grow. There’s no greater accomplishment in the world of business than seeing your idea being realised and then going from success to success – entrepreneurs take great pride in that. When it’s your own, you’re not just another cog in the wheel but rather the main reason behind your own success.

You get to leave a lasting legacy

Who wouldn’t want to leave something behind for people to remember them by? Many entrepreneurs are motivated by their desire to leave a personal legacy one day for their loved ones. The idea of a family business can be an exciting one and if it’s successful, it can get passed down from generation to generation.

You create your own destiny

When you’re running your own business you have the freedom to shape your own destiny and create your own opportunities. You have the power to decide what you get to do and if that, for example, comprises of networking and attending conferences, then so be it. Entrepreneurs control their futures and the independence that comes with owning their own business ventures allows them to make the important decisions and steer their businesses in the direction they choose.

There are endless reasons why entrepreneurs love being entrepreneurs and every so often, it’s worth taking a break and reflecting on a few of them. Especially when times get tough, it can be helpful to remember the reasons why you decided to become an entrepreneur in the first place – they may just be how you get through.

While you’re doing that, Vives Pons & Asociados accountants in Costa Blanca together with Sage One will be there making sure that all your online accounting needs are taken care of.

Vives Pons, patrocinador oficial de Montgoradio: la nueva emisora en Internet para Denia y Marina Alta

Vives Pons, patrocinador de Montgoradio.comVives Pons, colaborador oficial de la nueva cadena online de radio de Pangel Albi

Vives Pons Asociados, entre los patrocinadores oficiales de, la nueva emisora en internet para Denia y Marina Alta


Estudio 8, colaborador de Montgoradio junto a Vives Pons Asociados

Autoridades y empresarios de Denia y la Marina Alta estuvieron junto a Vives Pons Asociados en la presentación de

Vives Pons, apoyando a en Denia y la Marina Alta

Presentación de, en la sala Jauja de Balearia Port

El equipo de, nueva emisora online de Denia y la Marina Alta


Las empresas  patrocinadoras de Vives Pons, La Sella Golf Resort, Marina De Dénia, Baleària, Estudio 8 TV y Canfali Marina Alta

En Vives Pons & Asociados apoyamos siempre a los emprendedores y a los grandes profesionales. Por eso somos empresa patrocinadora de, la nueva emisora online que os informará, acompañará y entretendrá durante las 24 horas del día. Un gran equipo, un amplio y variado elenco de colaboradores y el mejor director posible al frente de todos ellos, Pangel Albi. Un nuevo proyecto empresarial para Dénia y la Marina Alta al que queremos aportar nuestro granito de arena.

Radio por internet para Dénia y La Marina Alta emitirá toda su programación exclusivamente por Internet de forma que sus oyentes podrán escucharla gracias a las nuevas tecnologías desde cualquier ordenador, móvil, tablets o cualquier dispositivo con acceso a Internet. Además de poder seguir en directo este proyecto cuenta también con una sección de radio a la carta, donde el oyente podrá “sintonizar” sus programas favoritos ya emitidos, cualquier espacio a cualquier hora y en cualquier momento. es la nueva emisora online que cuenta con el patrocinio de empresas locales como Balearia Port, Marina de Denia, La Sella Golf Resort y Vives Pons Asociados. Todos ellos tuvieron palabras de elogio para este proyecto dando su total apoyo al mismo. Esta gala contó con asistentes relevantes de la ciudad dianense, entre los que destacan el alcalde de Denia, Vicent Grimalt, así como el primer teniente de alcalde Rafa Carrió.

También acompañaron este evento la Presidenta del Circulo de Empresarios de la Marina Alta Sonja Dietz, el Jefe del Destacamento del cuartel de Denia, además de Martinez Espasa como intendente principal de la Policía Local de Denia. El director del Hospital de La Pedrera, Jaume Morera también se hizo presente, igual que Cristina Sellés, la Presidenta de la Asociación de Hosteleros de la comarca.

Pangel, Amparo, Santi…y todos los que formáis y hacéis ¡¡Enhorabuena y adelante!!